Women holding her daughter wearing the Ellie and Becca Nursing Dress Ella made of organic Liberty Fabric featuring two hidden zippers convienent for breastfeeding.


How can a product that needs to be sown, grown, harvested, combed, spun, knitted, cut and stitched, finished, printed, labelled, packaged and transported cost a couple of Euros? -- Li Edelkoort

1. Cotton Harvest
Water Waste, Water Pollution, Soil Deterioration, Labour Exploitation
2. Spinning, Weaving and Dye
Water Pollution, Labor Exploitation, Hazardous Chemicals, Toxic Dye
3. Sewing the Garments
Labor Exploitation, Hazardous Workplaces
4. Labeling
Waste, Deforestation, Plastic Pollution
5. Transportation
CO2 Emissions, Water Pollution
6. Customer Purchase
Over Consumption, Unethical Marketing, Green Washing
7. Warehouse
Safety Issues, Cheap Labor, Under Staffing
8. Packaging, Shipping and Returns
Waste, Deforestation, Plastic Pollution, CO2 Emissions
9. Usage and After Usage
Following Fashion Trends, Landfills


1. Ellie and Becca only buys GOTS Certified Fabric (Global Organic Textile Standards).
- Farmers are free to choose what they grow and can save the seeds
- Soil is protected and looked after, preserving it for generations to come
- Organic cotton is grown alongside food that feeds the farmers
- Hazardous pesticides are prohibited in organic cotton production, making it safer for the producers and mother earth
- Reduced water and energy consumption, including farming techniques that lock CO2 into the soil. Growing organic cotton generates up to 94% fewer greenhouse gas emissions
- All factories are continuously audited and certified to strict criteria, guaranteeing no forced labor or child labor is used
- To protect the workers and their water source, hazardous chemicals are banned, and all wastewater must be treated. All chemicals meet severe toxicity and biodegradability standards

Buying Better Inspiring Change

2. Ellie and Becca produces exclusively in Italy.
- We use a high-quality womenswear manufacturer based in Milan, operated by professional artisans who monitor every step of production with the utmost care
- They proudly represent an authentic “Made in Italy”, which connects the love for artisanal production with the respect for the people working there
- Our relationship is based on trust, appreciation, respect, and reliability

3. Ellie and Becca's is committed to find sustainable labeling and packaging solutions.
- Brand tags are made of recycled polyester
- Care tags are made of recycled plastic bottles
- Hang Tags are made out of recycled, biodegradable paper and recycled polyester strings
- We use compostable bags to protect our garments during transport to the warehouse
- Shipping boxes, tissue paper, stickers, and thank you notes are produced in the USA with recycled materials
- Instead of regular muslin bags, we use organic cotton tote bags that can be reused as shopping bags

4. Ellie and Becca is mindful with its return policy.
- Returning an item significantly increases its carbon footprint, due to additional transport
- At Ellie and Becca, we have tried to reduce returns by providing numerous pictures, diagrams, and precise measurements for fitting to help customers feel confident about their purchases
- By being mindful of what they purchase customers can help reduce CO emissions and avoid unnecessary waste, as it is common in the industry to destroy rather than restock. We want to make sure that what is returned will be restocked as much as possible.

5. Ellie and Becca strives for open communication with its customers.

Ellie and Becca understands that sustainability is a complex journey, requiring constant work and reassessment. To achieve our sustainability goals as a brand, we seek to make more conscious choices and understand the impact they have. We dream of thriving in harmony with the environment and the society in which we operate.

As our customer, you can help make a difference by mindfully choosing what you are buying and what you are not.

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